About us

Doctors Against Narcotics was formed in late 2015. Dr. Faiz Shareef took a pledge in December 2013 to never prescribe an opiate or other narcotics ever again. Since then it has been well over two years and he continues his work in treating and helping patients reach recovery to points they would have never imagined. There have been too many frequent overdoses on opiate prescription medications, which for some become overdoses from harder drugs such as heroin. This has become a serious epidemic that has now gained national attention.

President Barack Obama addressed the nation on the severity of the situation and the importance of preventing doctors from abusing their oath by prescribing unnecessary opiates, reprimanding them, and also finding effective methods and ways of treatment for victims who are still in the struggle of opiate and narcotic abuse. Join D.A.N. to help educate our communities of the seriousness of this issue. Victims have died from all backgrounds, you will never know when it could be someone you know, join the fight today.

Here is a QR Code to President Obama addressing the epidemic at the National Health Summit on Heroin and Opiate Abuse: